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Research Seminars in Design and Innovation


Research Seminars in Design and Innovation is a joint course for Ph.D. students, focusing on discussing the concepts design and innovation from different perspectives within the department of Design Sciences.

Ph.D students from other departments at the Faculty of Engineering, or other faculties at Lund University or other universities are welcome to participate in the course subject to availability.

The usage of the concepts design and innovation may vary from systematic problem solving, management or organizational structures, creative opportunities or art, to a way of thinking or mind-set, with the goal to keep a dialogue. The concept’s usage is not restricted to a certain profession. Rather the multitude of interpretations and views that will be highlighted and problematized.

Last day for applying to the course is August 15.
Send your application by e-mail to the course leaders.

Course leaders: Lars Bengtsson
Elin Olander

More information: Details for course IDE045F