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The User Value of Speech Recognition at Home


Master thesis presentation January 18, 14.15

Albert Johansson and Maria Blomberg defend their master thesis The User Value of Speech Recognition at Home - An Explorative Study on How Speech Recognition Generates User Value for the IKEA Customer on January 18 at 14.15 in room DC:467 at IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 in Lund.

A thesis exploring the user value of speech recognition in the home environment of the IKEA consumer. This is done by adopting a mixed research method involving customer surveys and feedback from experts in speech recognition. The thesis concludes in speech recognition being relevant for IKEA, judging from a user value perspective. Four user values were derived, namely; facilitate daily life, everyday efficiency, comfort and increased calmness.

Supervisor: Lars Bengtsson
Co-supervisor: Emil Åkesson
Examiner: Malin Olander Roese
Opponents: Dag Tolstoy & Robert Adonis