Innovation Engineering

Design Sciences | Faculty of Engineering, LTH


Step one is finding a problem

"A basis for innovation is being able to identify a real need, or a problem worth solving," says Malin Olander Roese, as she teaches how a person can increase their



New business models for solar energy

Solar Region Skåne is holding a one-day seminar for all solar energy enthusiasts in Helsingborg, December



Momentary contentment

— exploring needs and innovation possibilities in a psychosocial cancer context


Focus areas

We are seeking to understand and improve the divergent and convergent processes of innovation.

We are seeking to understand and improve collaboration in highly diverse, cross-functional teams.

We are seeking to understand and improve communication of value across networks of stakeholders and users.

Innovation Portal

The Innovation Portal is a website that lists all the innovation competence that is available at Lund University's Faculty of Engineering (LTH). The portal facilitates making connections between business, society and academia, and the vision is to create a natural meeting place for those interested in innovation. 

The portal is under construction now but vill be available soon.