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Master thesis presentation January 18, 14.15[more]


In supply chains it is often the last step of delivery that is the most inefficient and polluting section ofthe entire logistics chain. This is known as the "last mile problem" and applies to all kinds of...[more]


Recirkulation av tallrikar – från värdekedja till värdecykel BakgrundI takt med växande befolkning och an ökad ekonomisk aktivitet förbrukas jordens resurser allt snabbare. Som en del av Agenda 2030 (UN 2015) och hållbar...[more]


Jessica Wadin montaged in front of a solar panel field

Solar Region Skåne is holding a one-day seminar for all solar energy enthusiasts in Helsingborg, December 1st.  Jessica Wadin from Innovation Engineering at Design Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University will be...[more]


"A basis for innovation is being able to identify a real need, or a problem worth solving," says Malin Olander Roese, as she teaches how a person can increase their innovative capacities. Malin is a teacher...[more]


— exploring needs and innovation possibilities in a psychosocial cancer context[more]